Door accessories and automation

Pro-Door offer a wide range of garage door accessories and automation; from additional remotes to keypads and finger scanners. Whether you are having a new garage door installed or want to update an existing door, our accessories are designed to make your garage door as secure, amenable and stylish as you want.

Update your manual door to electronic operation

We offer an automation service that allows us to update existing manual garage doors and make them electronically operated: whether that is by installing a new operator or adding items such as a bow arm.

Remote access controls

Pro-Door offer a wide range of remotes. Whether you want to replace an old one or upgrade to a more stylish design, we will have the right remote for you. Additional push buttons can easily be added to any electric door, allowing you to have a static button in your house or even in your car! We install key switches if many different users need access to your garage door. A simple key is used to open and close the door, maintaining ease of use and optimum security.

High tech garage door access accessories available

  • ✔ Key pads
  • ✔ Key swipe
  • ✔ Finger scanner

For Door accessories and automation

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