Strip curtains

If a solid door is not suitable then strip curtains can make for an ideal alternative. Whether you are in a large warehouse or a smaller commercial environment, strip curtains offers many benefits. The durable strips are made in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your individual needs and specified application. They can be easily hung or removed from our hook on track systems. 

✔ Made to measure

✔ High visibility

✔ 2-way access

✔ Range of sizes for different applications

✔ Energy-saving

✔ Sliding rack system available

✔ Welding strip curtain

✔ Ribbed design – longer life

Strip Curtain Sizes:

  • ✔ 200mm personnel
  • ✔ 300mm hand operated pallet trucks
  • ✔ 400mm fork lifts

Strip Curtain Design:

  • ✔ Red strips – safety strips for each end
  • ✔ Green welding

For PVC Curtains throughout

Gloucestershire and the surrounding area