Loading bays and equipment

Pro-Door offer a comprehensive range of loading bay equipment, so you can be sure we are able to meet a host of different requirements. Our loading bays are designed to make transit as easy, smooth and safe as possible. Loading bays consist of a variety of components, designed to facilitate product and material handling. These are most commonly found on industrial and commercial buildings.

Dock shelters and dock pads

We offer a full range of dock shelters, from curtains only to complete units.

✔ Temperature control

✔ Reduction in noise pollution (useful in populated areas)

✔ Personnel goods

✔ Hygiene control

✔ Protection from the elements

✔ Made to measure for suspending at loading bay height or from ground level

Optional Extras

  • ✔ Safety and security
  • ✔ Traffic lights
  • ✔ Loading lights
  • ✔ Warning lights and sirens
  • ✔ Interlocks
  • ✔ Truck locks

Dock bumpers

Dock bumpers offer protection to your loading bay from truck and lorry damage. They also act as a visual aid. Our bumpers are produced from high quality natural SBR rubber compounds. This makes them some of the toughest bumpers around. With different sizes to choose from, we have a bumper for every application.

Dock levellers

The purpose of the dock leveller is to bridge the gap and height difference between the loading bay and the truck. This allows for easy access when loading and unloading, by forklift or pallet truck. Manual and electric levellers are available. 

Truck wheel guides

Truck wheel guides assist truck drivers and project the loading area when reversing into position. They act as a visual aid and help to guide the truck onto the loading bay. We offer surface mounted and concrete set wheel guides

For loading bays and equipment throughout

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