Restricted space? Short driveway? Wanting that extra bit of security?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then a Roller Shutter could be your perfect garage door!

The Roller Shutter garage door is one of the most popular doors on the market, its simple and modern design alongside its extensive range of colour options; allows you to create the perfect backdrop to suit your home.

 The Roller shutter garage door opens vertically, allowing it to work perfectly in an environment where there is restricted space. With no “kick out”, it’s the ideal garage door for short driveways.

The design of the roller shutter enables the door to be fitted behind the opening, enhancing different shaped opening designs that may be square, angled, segmented or arched.

The Roller Shutter rolls up into a hood above garage opening, creating maximum space both inside and in front of the garage.

Roller Shutter are:

  • Made to measure– The doors are made to suit your requirements.
  • Secure- Roller Shutter garage doors are made using either Steel or Aluminium, both of which are strong and durable materials. As a result, makes it harder to be broken into.
  • Space saving-You do not need a long drive or an extensive amount of space inside your garage to have a Roller Shutter Door.
  • Low maintenance- Whilst it is advisable to have your door regularly serviced. Due to its design, the door itself is very low general maintenance.
  • Thermal Insulated- Fully insulated aluminium and foam filled slats (lath).
  • Durable- Steel or Aluminium makes it harder for damage to be caused and is long lasting.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.

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